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More debate on the gig-economy.

Every once in a while Arne Lasance and Jeroen van den Oever, serial entrepreneurs and investigative geeks, used to review the week’s news – offering analyses about the most important developments in the world of startups. One recent dialogue dealt with the gig economy.gig economy debate

France has, since January 1st 2017, a law that gives employees the right to ignore email and other communications from the boss, beyond their 35-hour working week.  Companies (those with over 50 employees) have to negotiate specific time spans during which their staff has to be available,  and they can’t punish you for refusing to look at your messages beyond set hours.

So 24/7 is a thing of the past, in la douce France. If ever it was…

Intrigued? Check ‘More debate on the gig-economy’

Arne Lasance begon zijn carrière in de uitgeverij, als journalist voor een managementblad. Snel daarna vervulde hij diverse uitgevers- en managementfuncties. Vanaf begin jaren ‘90 was hij corporate business consultant en projectmanager voor intranet- en internetpublishingprojecten.
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